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About Us

Total Dynamic Engineering Sdn Bhd & Total Dynamic Resources Sdn Bhd are Malaysian incorporated companies, established in Malaysia providing comprehensive, advance technology and high skill resources & services in various areas of Plant Project Construction & Maintenance Services.

Our Organization, HSSE and Quality Management System have been developed since we involved in the Plant Project, Maintenance and Turnaround Services. The system has been through development process from time to time and went through all the audit process for improvement. Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment policy is based on extensive management system. Assessment and certification of this management system has taken place for many years on the basis of various standards. The company is certified in the areas of Quality (ISO 9001:2015) and Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007).  

As a contractor, we serve our Client more like a Partner.
The business strategy is always changed and improved. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore as everything is changing fast. We have looked at ourselves and had ourselves looked at, not only by our client and our target groups, but also by our employees. We discover, we innovate and we take action so that we will remain good valued-partner for our clients, the environment and our employees.

For this reason, we are committed to continue improve our people as well as our subcontractors and workers with training and skills, keep on investing on new equipment and tools, implementing good HSSE practise and quality plan in order to be competitive and providing quality services to our client. Courses, training and instruction are important for maintaining knowledge and skills. Discussing safety aspects of a project with the client prior to start work is part of integral preparation.

The main objective is to coordinate internally and with the client best approach for any project to ensure the prevention of accidents and incidents at site. The work preparation is to ensure accidents do not occur. We are also committed to deliver all secured contract in term of HSSE, Quality and Compliance with the term and requirements. You can count on us to professionally execute all your projects and serve all our Clients up to the expectations.